Raptors Lacrosse mission is to give kids a chance to play the most exciting sport of on earth. We emphasize teaching players proper fundamentals along with good sportsmanship and teamwork.

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Lacrosse Tips and Drills

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Sample Lacrosse Drills and Practice Plans:

Lacrosse Drills and Practice Plans
Settled offenses: (2-3-1, 1-4-1, 1-3-2, 2-2-2), Defense in settled situations, Fast-break situations, Unsettled Clears, Rides and Clears in settled situations, Man-up and Man-down, Substitutions
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Sample Playbook:
Sample Lacrosse Playbook
Basic Coaching Points:


  • Review what is going on today while stretching
  • Dynamic warm ups
  • Lunges
  • High Steps
  • Butt Kickers 

The Basics

  • Running – fastest game on two feet
  • Scooping – Picking up the rock, ground balls
  • Cradling - Carrying the ball
  • Throwing – moving the ball
  • Catching – moving the ball
  • Dodging – Moving past others
  • Shooting – Scoring
  • Defending – Not Scoring
  • Anticipation – being aware

Holding the Stick 

  • Hands comfortably apart
  • Protect Stick with Body and Head
  • Be prepared to give and receive passes
  • Head of Stick opens up to pass
  • Grip is thumbs up
  • Will be giving individual attention as needed


  • Begin with two hands on the stick
  • Top and cradles while bottom hand slides
  • Rhythmic rolling of wrist and forearm
  • Feel the ball in the stick
  • Left and right hands

Scooping the Ball

  • Bend at the knees, back hand down, scoop through the ball, no raking
  • Get stick down 6 inches prior to the ball
  • Cradle the ball
  • Line Drills; 5 in a line, 20 yards apart 


  • Throw like a ball overhand, step and throw, opposite foot steps
  • Hand position on stick, shoulder width
  • Cover Butt end; Bring the stick back
  • Bottom hand facing target and in front of you
  • Top hand by your head
  • At the end head should be facing target
  • Go to the walls and practice against the walls


  • Face head of stick to teammate for a good target
  • Grip stick by the Choke or throat
  • Yell “here’s your help”
  • Soft hands as the ball approaches
  • Watch the ball into the stick
  • Cradle
  • Team up and throw to buddy
  • Good crisp passes, a good pass makes it easy to catch


  • Footwork
  • Angles
  • Body Position
  • Anticipation
  • Head on a swivel


  • Offense – end line, deep
  • Middies – don’t crowd, come to the ball
  • Defense – Watch your man but know your slide

Face Off

  • Clamp
  • Jump
  • Punch
  • Laser
  • Counters
  • Teamwork with Middies on Wings 

Fast Break

  • Offense - move to the ball
  • Defense – follow the ball
  • Goalie – talk, talk , talk to your team
  • Middies – follow the ball
Offense Coaching Points:


  • Face Dodge
  • Roll Dodge
  • Split Dodge
  • Line Drills with coach
  • Off the ball
  • Pick and roll
  • Communication off the ball


  • Arms up
  • Stress Overhand shots - no side arm
  • Increase velocity with body rotation
  • Shoot low and away from Goalie
  • Change of plane
  • Bounce the ball
  • Always moving your feet
  • Follow through with shot
  • 2 lines in front of each cage or square alternate sides; kids follow the ball


  • How to drive and shoot
  • When behind the cage
  • Stepping out
  • Baiting and moving
  • Coming around the corner

Fast break

  • Positioning
  • Ball movement
  • Moving toward the ball
  • Finishing

Open Field

  •  Where to look
  • How to beat a man
  • Running
  • Make them play you
  • Using the midline

Inside the crease

  • Picking
  • Moving around the pick
  • Being ready for the pass
  • Shooting Placement (does not need to be hard)
  • Staying in front of your man
  • Stick positioning 

Clearing the ball

  • Staying spread out
  • Looking to opposite corners


  • Cutting and picking
  • Pass and pick away
  • Move off the ball
  • Get the ball to X
  • Iso up top
  • Move out of the way
  • Find Open Space

Six on Six

  • Positions
  • Don’t crowd the crease
  • Offense stay spread
  • Defense stay tight

Defense Coaching Points:


  • Moving Forwards
  • Moving Backwards
  • Sliding/Shuffling
  • Stick Position


  • In front of Cage
  • Goal Line Extended (GLE)
  • Behind the Cage
  • Man - to - Man Defense
  • Slides
  • Zone Defense


  • Slap
  • Poke
  • Back